gaming SUper APP

Build, Compete, Prosper:The Future
of Play.

Imagine a world where high-quality, console-level games are instantly accessible in your browser, no downloads required. That's the reality we've built with our Gaming Super App. Whether you're on your phone, sitting in front of your computer, or lounging with your smart TV, a simple web link is your ticket to an exhilarating gaming adventure.
Beyond the Game: Crafting Universes Where Every Player is the Key

Achieving our vision isn't about following a predetermined path or uncovering a secret formula. What's crystal clear to us is that our existence hinges on our players. At the core of our approach to crafting and operating our Gaming Super App is the commitment to creating captivating universes and characters that beckon players to return time and again.

Our platform transforms any device into a portal to exceptional, console-quality games accessible directly through a web link — no downloads necessary. Whether you're engaging on your smartphone, your computer, or your smart TV, you're entering a seamless social entertainment ecosystem that spans across the digital sphere.

Instant Play, Anywhere

Immerse in console-quality gaming experiences on any device without downloads, thanks to WNDR's advanced streaming engine.

Social Gaming Evolved

A platform pioneering in social entertainment, facilitating seamless interaction, play, and connection with both old and new friends.

WNDR Wallet

Quick access with instant onboarding,
blending flexibility with convenience in asset management.

Economy of 3D Collectables

Engage in a dynamic marketplace
to earn, purchase, and resell unique 3D collectables.

Versatile Payment Options

Incorporates both traditional (debit card) and futuristic (Web 3 wallet)
payment methods.


Empowers game studios, brands, and creators to publish games or experiences using a simple web link.

Meet the driving force behind our cutting-edge platform: a seasoned team with deep expertise in web 3 technology and the gaming industry

Borris Bazelais, Founder, CEO
Jeff St-Louis, VP , CTO
Amrit Rath, Lead Designer
Johan Vignon, Lead Engineer
Surajbhan Satpathy, Blockchain Engineer
Josh Powe, Advisor / Investor